10 un-interesting things about me:

  1. I have a driver’s license but no car, I could not afford the car I would like to drive. I prefer to drive bus as a crap.
  2. I wash my clothes basically at 95° degrees. Everything that survives the wash I call “good quality”. So far, no cashmere sweater has passed my quality control. Thus, quality is completely in the eye of the beholder.
  3. When I was enrolled, my school bag was packed exclusively with “Nimm 2 Multivitamin” sweets. When I eat them today I immediately remember my enrollment.
  4. I do not like milk. The last time I drank milk was when I was a little girl. But I remind the strange taste. Milk smells like using sports socks, forgotten four weeks in a sports bag.
  5. I would like to become a lottery millionaire – but I do not play lottery. I’m too stingy to throw the money out of the window – never won anything in my life.
  6. I do not eat peaches. Hairy peaches skin feels in my mouth like I’m chewing on a furry hamster.
  7. Holes in socks are a NO GO. Since I do not belong to the „disposable society“ I stuff my socks.
  8. I leaf through magazines and books basically from back to front and from right to left.
  9. I would never buy a picture and hang it up at my house. Pictures that I like are unfortunately not for sale. For me, the most beautiful picture of the world is “The Birth of Venus” painted by Sandro Botticelli – Unfortunately unaffordable.
  10. As a little girl, I often had a sore throat. When my family was eating ice cream I always got whipped cream in a croissant – disguised as soft ice cream. Until the age of 8, I thought ice cream was a food with room temperature.
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